Linda has been my homeopath since 2002. Her classical approach to homeopathy has served me well over the years – I am in very good health. I very rarely get sick and take no prescription drugs at all. I find Linda to be very thorough in her approach to a homeopathic case, and very intelligent in the way she chooses a remedy. I trust Linda and know she really cares about me. I have recommended her to many people and will continue to do so.

L. Rapp



Five star recommendation to Linda Morse. My return to health has been just short of miraculous. Allopathic medicine would have me taking thyroid meds and hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of endocrine exhaustion and menopause. Instead, my own body works with homeopathic remedies to regain balance and energy. Linda is expertly trained in classical homeopathy. I highly recommend her insight, focus, and years of experience.

D. Handlen



My Torn Meniscus
In Appreciation for Exceptional Care
And Gratitude for a Pain Free Journey to Recovery

Never do anything out of hubris! I did-jumping jacks and lunges-all to prove I could keep up with those at least 10 years younger. Big mistake. My knee ached and burned and I was limping slightly. I went to the doctor. He took an X-ray and said it was probably my back. I contacted Linda and decided to try homeopathy. It worked. I could walk without limping, and both the burn and ache subsided. Then, while in the Dog Park, a huge Lab slammed right into that same knee.

Now I was in serious pain. I went back to the doctor. No need for another X-ray. Really? I was limping, badly. My knee was inflamed. I could put no weight down, bend, or walk backwards on it. My neighbor recommended another doctor. This doctor ordered an MRI. It showed I had a tear in my meniscus. I continued with the homeopathic recommendation and my severe pain subsided and the inflammation receded. I would still need the tear repaired, but in a short time, I could put full weight down on my knee, walk backwards, and sleep through the night!

Linda then suggested what I should do immediately after surgery. I followed her instructions exactly. As a result, no pain–when the anesthesia wore off, when I started moving around more and when I started going up and down stairs again. As of this writing, ten days have passed since my surgery. I went on my first hike in Rock Creek Park with my husband and dog–complete mobility, with no discomfort whatsoever!

Linda is an exceptional Homeopath. She has that great combination of years of expertise, keen listening skills and caring attention. Her dedicated concern and her consistent, daily follow up in the healing process were extraordinary. I know that I can completely trust her attentive and insightful care in the future.

M. Judge